Gabriele Kallenborn N.D.

Wellness is your birthright
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Dr. Gabriele Kallenborn

If you have health issues or would like to be free of pain, then you're in the right place! It's important to remember that our body has an innate desire to be well. If we can point the body in the right direction towards healing, you'll find it will become easy and natural. After all, in our natural state, the body is well and in perfect balance.

Dr. Kallenborn is dedicated to improving the quality of life for her patients and their families by empowering them to implement informed decisions about their health. She believes in educating her patients not only to make them feel better now, but also to keep them well and healthy for their entire lives.

Dr. Kallenborn is a 1990 graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon and practices in Westport, Connecticut.

Kallenborn, Gabriele ND.




Dr. Gabriele Kallenborn N.D.
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