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What is NMT?

Quite simply, NMT is an informational medicine that offers a simple, non-invasive, non-threatening and highly effective way to restore your body to its inherent state of peace and health. In comparison with many other modalities, you'll find NMT is a fast, quick, responsive way to deal directly with the numerous causes of illness. NMT creates a deep and profound feeling of increased inner wellbeing.

How does NMT work?

NMT allows me to access, via the subconscious mind, the body's Autonomic Control System. NMT uses a clinically friendly method of Muscle Response Testing (MRT) to communicate with the body's Autonomic Control System (ACS). Since the ACS doesn't control speech, we use MRT to provide a convenient and effective way for the body to respond to our queries. NMT's therapeutic effects on the body have been documented with scientifically proven data and high tech instrumentation.

Through muscle testing, I can effectively ascertain precisely what's going on in the body. I am able to make a meaningful assessment of the patient's problems in a short time, going much deeper to find the cause of illness itself. Once it's clear that I've established the problem, it's then easy for me to modulate and repair the damaged physiology.

Examining the body for internal „errors,” I find what causes the body to be in a state of „dis-ease.” Then, „corrections” are made in the form of verbal statements spoken to your conscious mind.

The „corrections,” essentially modulate and repair the damaged physiology and linkages. By modulate, I simply mean that I give new suggestions and instructions to you, the patient, which have highly beneficial healing effects on the body. The resulting outcome is a modulation in the pathology of your body and a brining forth of optimum physiology. Your conscious mind will only accept these modulations, however, if they are of benefit to you. It is impossible to correct anything that your body refuses to accept. Simply put, there is no fear of imposing any suggestions on your consciousness that are not in harmony with your body's general welfare.

Although you should feel perfectly comfortable in trusting the process, at all stages of the consultation you are free to ask questions of the „errors” I find, as well as the „corrections” I introduce. The magnificence of your body's ability to heal itself will happen regardless of whether or not you are consciously paying attention to what is happening in the session.

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