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What patients are saying about gkwellness

„In March, 2009 I was diagnosed (at a clinic in Switzerland) with cavitations in my jawbone where two wisdom teeth had been extracted when I was in HS. Oral surgery was recommended to 'clean out' the diseased tissue which is serious burden on the immune system. Only one surgery could be done at a time with about 3 month period for recovery, and then the second surgery could proceed. I did the first surgery in Switzerland and afterwards came to see Dr Kallenborn. After explaining the situation and that I was to return to the Swiss Clinic in less than three months, she said that it was possible to 'cure' the cavitations using the NMT Method.

We met twice a week….often in person, but sometimes on the phone. After about 10 sessions I returned to Switzerland where I asked the Oral Surgeon to retest the site of the 2nd cavitation. Using an ultra-sound device, he retested and discovered that the 2nd cavitation was no longer a problem. Furthermore, he retested the site of the surgery on the other side, and it was perfectly healed.

He said he had never seen such rapid healing where he did surgery three months earlier and would never have imagined that the cavitation on the other side could have improved so dramatically. I did not do the second surgery.
I have similar dramatic improvements working with Dr Kallenborn and NMT for issues related to Thyroid and related endocrine function.
Dr Kallenborn's ability to work with NMT and the individual patient has healing potential far beyond typical 'school medicine'.

„Dr. Kallenborn is incredibly ethical. She really understands the potential of NMT and it's phenomenal ability to restore health and wellbeing. Not only did I recover from the effect of my allergies but I also felt better than I had for years! ”

„Dr. Kallenborn used NMT to help my 12 year old son who had been suffering from regular migraine headaches. The headaches were affecting his attendance at school and within 3 session with Dr Kallenborn he was free of migraines – that was 4 years ago and his migraine headaches are very much a thing of the past.”

„Gabriele Kallenborn has used NMT to help me reach not only my health goals but also my potential for fulfilling my career objectives. I had written out some intentions that I'd shared with Dr. K as I was looking to change my job. Within a short time several opportunities came up. The job I chose has turned into a new an exciting chapter in my life. Thank you!”

„A very intuitive Naturopathic Doctor – I use Gabriele Kallenborn for all my health issues. As a woman in my 50's the fact is that the more I see Dr. Kallenborn the more I experience an amazing sense of balance and renewal. I feel stronger and have more confidence and know that my health is in good hands.”

„Gabriele Kallenborn uses NMT to find relief for my lower back problems which were interfering with my performance at work and my overall state of mind. Within a short period of time I was feeling pain free and for the first time in a long while I experienced a new levels of energy and enthusiasm for my life”

„Gabriele Kallenborn has such diverse knowledge of many healing modalities and she uses them so affectively. There have been times when I have gone for an NMT session only to hear her say let's do some body work to relieve the anxiety – and yes, it works. I take no medications and rely on her expertise to manage my health care.”

„Yes, I would most certainly refer Dr. Gabriele Kallenborn, but only to people who really want to get better.”

„Dr. Kallenborn treated me for depression, I feel like I've been returned to myself – my true self – I feel fabulous and no one can take that feeling away from me!”

„Gabriele Kallenborn is highly intelligent and combines her years of experience, knowledge in a theoretical and practical way that's fabulous for me, my husband and my children. We have all benefitted from her practice of NMT.”

„Gabriele Kallenborn is devoted to empowering her clients – she really cares about them and their well being”

„It saved me so much time and money but cutting through the chase and getting right to the heart of my problem. I had seen many different doctors in my search for a solution for my chronic illness. Dr Kallenborn was the first to really help me find relief from the constant pain I was suffering.”

„I was in a situation where my younger son, who is a patient of Dr. K, would not get on an international flight we were taking. He said he was very scared and physically could not and would not walk onto the aircraft. I was frantic and, not knowing what else to do, I put in a call to Dr. Kallenborn. Within minutes of explaining the situation she asked to speak to my son. By the end of the brief conversation my son very calmly agreed to board the flight. Once we were seated on the plane I asked him how he was feeling and he said, „something's just shifted – I'm okay now”. Dr. Kallenborn later explained to me that she had done a remote NMT session on him. Since that time he has experienced no further anxiety about flying and travels from New York to Geneva on his own to a summer school he attends.
I am totally grateful to Dr. Kallenborn for her support. Although my son was young at the time of this incident he's now a teenager and he totally understands the benefit of NMT not just for any health issues that arise but also for any anxiety that holds him back.”





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