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Chronic Illness

Often patients have been struggling with multiple symptoms or „chronic illnesses” and poor health for several years. Many people resign themselves to living a limited life because of the constraints of their illness. If you want good health again, NMT holds the key to understanding chronic illness in a way that no other therapy does. NMT is a restorative, non-invasive way of establishing and correcting the underlying issues of chronic illness. In most cases after 8-12 sessions clients are back being well again.

NMT makes it possible for me to find out what's going on with your body's wellbeing and to begin the process for your body to restore itself to wellness. The change begins to occur entirely within you and after several sessions, you will find yourself getting stronger and stronger. Patients often report an increase in their total vitality and sense of wellbeing.

Once this starts to happen, many of the other physiological functions that had been previously lacking become reactivated. The body regains its ability to function at its optimal state.

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NMT Remote Healing:

My ability to practice NMT is not limited to geographic location. It's as easy for you to be treated at a distance, as it is if you were sitting in front of me. In fact, I have a number of patients from around the world who call or Skype me for consultations.

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How NMT works

  • NMT allows me to access, via the subconscious mind, the body's autonomic control system. By the use of muscle testing, I am able to find out what's going on with the body's wellbeing.
  • It allows me to make an assessment of the situation the patient is in. Once it's clear to me what's going on, it's then possible to modulate and repair the damaged physiology in the body, which are also known as linkages.
  • NMT restores patients to health by using the body's innate desire to be well. If we can show the body how to go in the right direction, it will easily take it. It's natural for the body to be well. The body wants to get well and you just have to lead the body to that place where it's functioning in an easier way rather than being in chronic pain.

The benefits of NMT

  • NMT is simple, non-invasive, and non-threatening. Compared to many other treatments, it's also a fast solution to achieving effective relief from chronic illness.




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