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Allergy Relief

It's great to be allergy free! NMT provides the opportunity to be allergy free and to fully enjoy life again. NMT is a highly effective treatment for allergies in both children and adults.

Allergies are simply misinformation that the body is acting upon.
With regular NMT sessions, patients report that they achieve lasting alleviation from allergies and no longer have to resort to taking allergy medication.

The positive results that my patients experience are profound.

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Benefits of the NMT process

  • NMT re-programs the body's autonomic control system for it to understand that the environment and food do not present any threat to it.
  • When you change and correct the information faults within the body the allergies can no longer exist.
  • NMT restores the body to its innate desire to be in a state of perfect balance or homeostasis.
  • NMT is simple, non-invasive, and non-threatening. Compared to many other treatments, it's also a fast solution to achieving effective relief from allergies.




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